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    May 27, 2016
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    For those of you who are curious, Kingdom hearts 1.5 HD remix for ps3 is available for $40 on ps3 includes kingdom hearts Final Mix, Kingdome hearts Birth by sleep and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days (Cinematics only!). Kingdom hearts 2.5 HD remix Is available for $40 on ps3 and has Kingdom Hearts 2 final mix, Kingdom hearts Birth By sleep final mix and Kingdom Hearts recoded (Cinematics only!)

    Today Kingdom Hearts 1.5 2.5 HD remix for ps4 was released for PS4 for $50, (Download or retail) It includes the content above, and gamplay is at 60FPS instead of 30FPS. JUST THE GAMEPLAY! The cut scenes telling the story aren't, So far that is the only improvement. Is still 1080P. If you don't already own either of the games for ps3 then i recommend you buy the ps4 version, there is no reason to own them both! (Unless you are just a collector of sorts.) Is true that on ps3 you may spend $80 for both game disc and save $30 on the ps4 game, but unless you didn't buy either of the ps4 games is not worth getting. Wait for a sale or something and then consider buying it, unless you just want to play the game all over again paying more money for the same stuff that only includes 60FPS as your idea of a upgrade.

    To be honest i just wanted to share it with people and hope you save your money, the previously released kingdom hearts 2.8 for ps4, in my opinion the game isn't worth $60, what is included is a Full HD port of the 3DS game Dream Drop Distance to console, a small story starring aqua called Kingdom hearts 0.2 that is very short, (Less than 2 hours worth of gameplay) and once again another cinematic video of the story of how the mobile game for smartphones fits in to the main plot. For a 3DS game that is 5 years old ported to HD a short story that while has a story and gameplay that is nice serves (Personal opinion to me) as a tease to how the new kingdom hearts 3 will either look or play using the unreal engine 4, and again, more cutscenes to piece together a story that is already hard to follow, is not worth that much. I also recommend getting that on sale, even if you haven't played the 3DS.

    I didn't make this to bash the game, the collection have a long awaited final mix versions of the game that was exclusive to japan for long time, is worth playing but not for the prices they have. The ps4 price for a collection of 4 games, and 2 "Movies" Is great for $50, at the time the ps3 games were out $40 was okay, you only need one set of the collections.

    In short Is $80 for both ps3 games (unless they don't sell for full price anymore). Do not buy if.
    • If you own 1.5 HD remix on ps3 (If you don't own 2.5 HD Remix, you should buy it for ps3 as well)
    • If you own 2.5 HD remix on ps3 (If you don't own 1.5 HD Remix, you should buy it for ps3 as well)
    • If you still play your ps3
    You can save $30 by getting the ps4 game. Do buy if
    • You don't own any of the ps3 games.
    • You don't still play your ps3
    • If you own a ps4
    That is all. Sorry if is long and people quit reading half way through.
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    Thanks for the info! Was looking into picking it up for the PS4.

    Never really played Kingdom Hearts myself, except for the once or twice I tried booting it up through an emulator, which wasn't the experience I was looking for.
    I remember looking forward to it when KH1 came out but never bought it.

    Now I looked at the trailer for this release and I can't help but notice that it seems kind of lame.
    At least the anime/hentai/manga-whatever part. The Disney part I think I would really enjoy.

    I really, really dislike JRPG's, just for their characters appearance (who has that kind of hair and clothes?) and usually the voice acting.
    Does anyone know how big the anime/hentai/manga-whatever part is?
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    Jul 13, 2008
    It's understandable that the cut scenes are not 60fps. Heck movies only just started being filmed at 60fps but since they are pre-rendered 30fps is totally fine with me. The port is pretty good imo, I havnt been running into problems like I did emulating it on PCSX2 with the final mix translation. It's pretty well polished with proper HD scaling and 16:9 cutscenes. Having everything in one game/disc is great too.

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