King of Fighters XII coming in '09 to US and EU!

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    "You'd have thought this news was to be simply expected, not highlighted, but in these days of not-getting-SFIV-cabinets, you can't take anything for granted: Ignition Entertainment have today announced that they'll be publishing console versions of SNK's King of Fighters XII in the US and Europe. And that's about all they announced. No price, no intended platforms, not even a vague release window, though with it not due in Japanese arcades until next April, don't go expecting it too soon."

    "Glendale, CA – November 18, 2008 – Ignition Entertainment Ltd., a UTV Enterprise, a worldwide publisher and developer of videogames announced today that The King of Fighters XII is coming to North America and Europe in 2009.

    In celebration of its landmark 15th Anniversary, The King of Fighters XII — one of the last great arcade 3-on-3 fighter games — is about to get even greater. For the first time in its history, this ultimate fighting game has undergone a complete graphical overhaul. All sprites used over the past 14 years have been dropped and replaced with new 2D high definition, high resolution sprites, on detailed 2D backgrounds, drawn 100% by hand.

    “Dreams never die!” said Ajay Chadha, President of Ignition Entertainment. “I’ve been a huge The King of Fighters fan since 1994 when the game first debuted and I know original fans will be as excited as I am about this groundbreaking installment of this very popular series. And just as importantly, The King of Fighters XII should be a treat for the new gamers who’ve just been introduced to the hugely popular franchise.”

    Stay tuned to Ignition Entertainment for more information — including release date, game platforms, screenshots and loads of details on new features!"

    Source (also contains a video)
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    The graphics are..... [​IMG]
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    2009 is gonna be a good year for fighters.

    I've always enjoyed the KoF games, though none have actually amazed me since like 10 years. The Maximum Impact games are really mediocre too.
  4. gk.7

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    Nov 6, 2008
    Dude... im a super hardcore kof fan since kof 97. I must say that I'm more excited to get KOF 2002 Unlimited Match. 66 characters, new moves, kof 2002 gameplay, what else can I ask for!?!?! [​IMG]
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    Oct 14, 2006
    I have to agree. All the features and new moves in KOF2002UM make it sound like the perfect KOF. XII looks nice and all, but that's about all I like about the game. Everything else seems too lacking to be slapping the KOFXII name to it.
  6. ojsinnerz.

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    Oct 27, 2007
    As a KOF fan since 1999, I'm having a lot of doubts about XII at the moment. I do find it good that they're going back to the old school fighter style, but I really liked the tag system off of XI. And the fact that they removed LDM really disappoints me.....

    XI was my favorite, and still is today. My least favorite? 99 and 02.
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    Jan 20, 2008
    KoF fan!!!

    Love the games,even though I've only played 3.