Kindle: Amazon's New Wireless Reading Device

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    Well, I was looking for a book today in and I saw that they are launching an electronic reading device called Kindle.
    Seems a little white (thanks to Apple for this white and simplistic style) and a little bulky, on its surface you can tell there are lots and lots of buttons.


    Reading Wikipedia's specs:

    Kindle features a 6-inch (15 cm), 4-level grayscale electrophoretic display (E Ink material) with a resolution of 600×800 pixels (167 ppi). It measures 7.5? × 5.3? × 0.7? (19.1 cm × 13.5 cm × 1.8 cm) and weighs 10.3 oz (292 g). The Kindle's internal storage capacity is 256 MB, shipping with 180 MB free, though it supports expansion through SD cards. The battery lasts two days with wireless on, one week with wireless off, and charges in two hours. A computer is not required, but a USB 2.0 port (mini-B connector) is available for connecting to a computer (where it acts as a USB flash drive). The Kindle features a headphone jack and one-year warranty. The software runs on a modified version of Linux using the 2.6.10 kernel.

    Greyscale?, it seems that no touching screen.... I don't get this. And it costs
    Price: $399.00 & includes FREE Two-Day Shipping. the hell?!

    What was Jeff Bezos, CEO thinking?

    Edit: Posted the beast's link and the pic.
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    You can get that new supersmall Acer laptop with way more features for 100$ less.
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    Who at Amazon is responsible for saying "that's not a good idea..."?

    I guess no one. [​IMG]