Kinda late, but...

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    Hello World.

    Yo. Hi. Sup. Wassup. Whatever. Some people might know me from a different forum, but I'm Shinku(aka Brandon). Nothing really much else to say, besides that I'm a nerd, a geek, and am trying to learn code. I'm relatively good with computers, but still learn, of course. I own an Acekard, but mostly own the games I have, or try to buy them. I got a blue NDSi and an Acekard2i with a 1gb microSD card. That said, I say this: Yo.

    I also dislike it when people complain about something they knew would probably happen ._.
    Also, PS, I also have the running gag of a nickname of ShinkuHakuLumi. PM me if you want to know why(not PM mongering, here, so don't say I am [​IMG] )
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    your not late for introducing
    many people Never made an introduction

    anyways, welcome