1. Chiralism

    OP Chiralism Newbie

    Apr 17, 2011
    Hi there, I know this is a very obscure question, but I was wondering if anybody could help me with this problem. I'm not sure if it's an Acekard issue, but since I own one and use one, I thought posting here would be more of a help.

    I'm playing Kimi ni Todoke, Sodateru Omoi. I can't seem to get past week 13 at all. It keeps on replaying week 14, then goes back to week 13. My stats are going up, but no events ... Is this an in-game glitch ? There are cheats implemented on the AKAIO so I can use them. Doesn't that mean that the AKAIO already has solved the AP issue? Please help !

    If there is no way to help, is there any way that I can easily patch it?
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