Kim Jong-Il birthday celebrated in Finland

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    Today I browsed through Finland's biggest newspaper's Helsingin Sanomat website and to my surprise noticed a news article that says (the headline): North Korea: Finland celebrates Kim Jong-Il's birthday. Here's the link though not many can read it since it's in Finnish, so I made a translation.ä/1135252597231

    A board has been established in Finland to commence preparations for celeberations for North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il's forthcoming birthday, says official N Korean state news agency KCNA.

    The board was established on January 25 and it's director is the chairman of the Juche Idea study group, Juha Kieksi, reported KCNA on Tuesday. The N Korean news agency says the study group will arrange "lively political and cultural events, including a seminar on Kim Jong-Il's works, and a meeting".

    Kim Jong-Il, the leader of the recluse dictatorship, will turn 68 years on Feb 16. There are allegations his health has deteriorated.

    The birthday celebrations will run through Feb 18, says KCNA.

    Now I don't know if there are actually going to be any birthday celebrations or if this is just a publicity stunt by KCNA. However, there is a Juche Idea study group in Finland headed by the person of that name mentioned in the news story. It is some sort of fringe movement. If they're actually making some sort of celebrations for Jong-il, I doubt there's going to be anything more than a miniscule turnout. Anyway it's kinda funny that North Korean state news agency says that about Finland.
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