killing dudes is fun: Spartan: Total Warrior


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Sep 27, 2008
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Spartan: Total Warrior is a game about killing dudes! It's a good thing it makes that act fun! And it has Sega blue skies! At least I think it does! Maybe that's just the Sega logo on the front! As a total Sega fanboy (who doesn't like Sonic!) I think that's awesome!

It's by Creative Assembly. They made a series called Total War. They might still be making that series! And they released this (awesome) game on the Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube. (why not the Dreamcast too?)

Going back to the title of this thread -- Killing dudes is fun in this game! I could do it all day! As a matter of fact, there's even an arena mode which let's me do just that! But then I'd have to battle in a flat circular arena, which isn't as fun as battling in a bumpy rectangular arena. Good thing there are stages like that in the story mode!

Speaking of the arena mode: There's some kind of scoring system! As someone who gets massive pleasure from making numbers go up (in action games! JRPGs tend to bore me (a lot!)) I think that's awesome!

Speaking of making numbers go up -- there's stat progression. This gets a frowny face from me! The purpose of stat progression is to make a game easier! I don't like it easier. I like it harder!

Speaking of bad things -- there's no co-op! That's really disappointing!

But this is a fun game! This is a really fun game!

There's even a little meter that goes up when you kill dudes! The cool part is that when that meter gets to a point you can do a special attack that kills more dudes and then goes back to zero! The awesome part is that the meter goes down when you don't kill dudes!

You know, for the first 45 minutes of playing this game I thought you played as a silent Spartan named Spartan. I was wrong -- he speaks in one of the cutscenes.

Let me make it absolutely clear, here and now, that I'd like people to talk about this game (this game being Spartan: Total Warrior) in this thread (this thread being the thread you are reading this very moment) and not much else (much else being things that aren't Spartan: Total Warrior)!

ciel bleu!


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Oct 12, 2004
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It was a decent game and yet another last gen title that had more enemies on screen than the Wii version of Dead Rising.
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