Killer7 PC port receives a new trailer

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    NIS America has previously announced their plans to bring Goichi Suda and Shinji Mikami's 2005 cult classic Killer7 to the PC platform. Four months after the initial reveal, a new trailer has been put out, describing some of the abilities you get to use, and characters you play as during the game. It's developer, Grasshopper Manufacture, is behind other beloved niche series such as No More Heroes, of which is due to receive a spinoff title next year as well. Killer7 is currently set to only get a re-release on PC, and will release sometime this fall.

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  1. BloodRose

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    Jul 31, 2007
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    I hope this gets a Switch port. It's the main reason why I wanted a decent GameCube emulator for the Switch.
  2. duwen

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    Sep 6, 2013
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    I love Grasshopper Manufacture/Suda51 titles, and regardless of how well they're received by the gaming community I aim to support every title they put out... however, as much as I think Killer 7 is a great Gamecube game (and I still play it fairly regularly), a lot of that is tainted by nostalgia. Unless they've massively overhauled the controls for this new port and added a significant amount of content I think it's likely to only find a niché audience of Suda devotees... of which I include myself, but in this instance I'll pass and opt for the GC original.
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  3. Dodain47

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    Jan 1, 2017
    I pray for the sucess of the Killer 7 port, as it paves the way for a remake on modern hardware.
  4. RayPanimals

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    Jun 27, 2018
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    Don't think I will be getting this one.