KhetDS v1.11

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    [​IMG] KhetDS v1.11
    Strategy game
    KhetDS is a homebrew version of the board game Khet for the DS. Khet is a game similar to chess, but played with lasers and four different types of characters with different abilities:
    • The Pharaoh is similar to the king in chess and if hit by a laser beam the owner of that piece loses the game.
    • Djeds are like double sided mirrors and can reflect any laser beams that hit them and are excellent for attacking and defending, but they can also be used by your enemy by reflecting a beam onto your pharaoh, through one of your Djeds.
    • Pyramids have a single reflecting area, but if hit on the unmirrored side it'll be eliminated from that game.
    • Obelisks can't reflect anything and is therefore mostly used for sacrificing purposes.
    The latest release of this homebrew added the ability to reset the game by pressing L+R at the same time. With this release there's also a Christmas version of the game which contains a different skin suiting the season.
    Full changelog:
    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Christmas version
    [​IMG] Source
    [​IMG] Discuss
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    Congrats on your first news article [​IMG]
  3. SylvWolf

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    ^ Agreed.

    Wow, this sounds awesome. I'm gonna have to check it out for sure.
  4. updowners

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    Sep 26, 2008
    Wasn't this originally a board game?
  5. Minox

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    Learn to read.
  6. DeMoN

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    Is this game any fun? I've seen it in stores before but I don't actually know anyone who plays it.
  7. iPikachu

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    Oct 27, 2008
    i like chess does it help? lol
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