Kernel On the latest 3ds firmware

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    Oct 25, 2015
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    Heres the plan.

    First, we will get @LuigiBro To tell the security guard at NoA that rumblehax works on the all nintendo consoles (Including The NX). The security guard will chase after him, leaving a clear opening. Then @Bubsy Bobcat will call on the fantastic...
    Myself, will go and kum™ on the hot secretary, leaving a clear entry point for the rest of team bed. We will break into the file room and then search for the signature used on officially licensed games. They escape the room only to be confronted by ReggieFilsAmech™ Himself, leaving an intense footdown with @MyLegGuy . Leaving him distracted, The entire team bed (besides mylegguy due to being dead) will escape the building, But the FBI is waiting for us! We capture Smea and make him suck CC's long arm to discract the gooberment. One day later, the new "PowerbuttonHax" exploit is released, allowing Kernel, flashcarts, piracy, cia installation, boobs, and many more requested features. All thanks to #TeamBed®.
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    Seems legit
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