Keiji Inafune Mentions Lost Planet and Dead Rising Sequels

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    "We completely understand talk of a sequel to Lost Planet. With a movie in the works, it makes sense to revisit the misplaced orb that's so wonderfully overrun with bugs and mechs. As for Dead Rising 2 ... we want more Frank West in skimpy clothing. Also, we want to kill 53,000+ zombies again.

    The mega man behind the Mega Man series and Capcom top dog, Keiji Inafune, recently sat down for a chat with Japanese mag Famitsu and was pretty direct about his forthcoming projects, making sure to refrain from beating around bushes. 'We're finally putting out new Dead Rising and Lost Planet games,' he exclaimed. He went on to say that Capcom is 'thinking about multiplatform, and expanding upon both slightly from the Xbox 360 version.'

    CVG asked a Capcom UK spokesperson about the matter, who said that Dead Rising 'was a huge success for us and is obviously the kind of game we'd like to continue to make.' He elaborated further, adding that, 'At the moment we have made no official announcement regarding a sequel. As the source is Famitsu, I can only suggest that it was a mistranslation.' Mistranslation, huh?

    So, what say you all? Want another Lost Planet? We know you want another Dead Rising already. We asked your mom and she said you loved the first game, so we're glad to be in agreement there."

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    Yeah! I can hardly wait for Dead Rising 2, I loved the first one [​IMG]

    I can't say the same for Lost Planet, though [​IMG]
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    finally another lost planet loved the first 1