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Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by Hooya, Mar 16, 2007.

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    Using the Expansion pack you might notice the rumble buzzes quite loudly at times. This is not a fault of the rumble mechanism, but just of how the pack is put together. For me, I noticed it buzzed whenever I tilted the DS to the right.

    So I figured out what the deal is: the PCB is slightly loose in the case, so it actually can move right next to the rumble mechanism and the rumble will buzz against the PCB. So I just took a small piece of double sided scotch tape and carefully put it on the chip directly under the battery. Be deliberate in how you place the PCB back down on the plastic casing and make sure the PCB isn't touching the rumble mechanism.

    Put the casing back together and enjoy silent (as much as it can be) rumble!

    I also think the video in the review had a rumble mechanism that didn't have the foam padding on it, so that's why it rattles all the time in the review vid. Mine is just as silent as it could be!

    edit: well, it still rattles a little when set to high, but still only when tilted to the right... something else must be loose I can't figure out what or how to stabilize it. I guess you can say your mileage may vary.
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    Double sided foam tape on the other side of the rumble motor from where they put the original bit would probably cure your rattle.
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    I recently openned my 3-1 to see if I could quiet it down alittle bit.
    It was like this
    but with double sided foam tape on the rumble motor already. The side against the case still had a piece of paper on it, so i peeled it off and stuck the case back together.

    The Rumble is alot less audible. But...the rumble may also be weaker...
    I had my friend use my rumble and I used his. Mine seemed alittle weaker...
    I took apart my friends 3-1, it had the double sided foam like mine. I removed the paper and put it back together. It reduced the sound but his 3-1 seemed to have stronger vibration still. Both of us on High vibrations settings on different DS(s) testing on Met prime Pinball.

    Am I wearing out the rumble motor by sticking the case to the motor??
    Is this the reason for lower vibration? Or might I just be dreaming the difference.

    I assume the foam tape was placed there for this reason...but then again why wouldn't it be stuck already.

    This imporant question is...does the part of the motor (the larger section)
    need to move freely or is it the second smaller section which moves and creates vibration?

    Needless to say my 3-1 is now firmly stuck together and I don't wish to pull at the motor (since its attached to the other side of the case now) to open it back up unless I really need to fix it =(