Katamari & Guitar Hero Wii?

Discussion in 'Wii - Console and Game Discussions' started by Hadrian, Mar 25, 2007.

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    Been lots of rumours about these two, and Katamari has been on some release lists but the latest NGamer magazine says that its been confirmed and that mag is usually pretty spot on. I remember seeing Godfather Wii & Twighlight Princess being confirmed for Wii there first.

    As for Katamari, its called Beautiful Katamari apparently and there's lots of places saying its been confirmed by Namco themselves and its out on Wii sometime November but 360 & PS3 on October 13th. All versions are said to be the same but the Wii version should be 10 dollars/pounds/whatever less. Keita Takahashi who is the creator wont be involved with it. It is likely to be true as it has been on a lot of release lists and the name has been patented.

    Basically old news (well couple of days) but no one mentioned it so thought I would. Wanted a link to where I got the news from? Just google, both news is all over the place.
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    A Katamari game on Wii would work really really well, but i would prefer a Gitaroo Man game on Wii as opposed to Guitar Hero personaly [​IMG]
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    Both are coming to the Wii, and the reason why Keita won't be involved with the new Katamari is that he rather wants to make playground designs or something. I just hope they make a guitar that's on par with the Wii design.