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    Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days is a raw and brutal crime shooter designed to take players on an even more intense story experience, following two of gaming's most disturbed criminals, through the gritty Shanghai underworld.

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    FileName: cpx-kl2
    FileCount: 68x100MB
    Region: Region Free!
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    I might rent this game. It looks pretty fun.
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    I played the PS3 demo this weekend (I never played the first). Not bad (quite hard at points in the demo although that might just be AI issues), probably better than Army of 2 and apparently it is local co-op as well (splitscreen, online and systemlink*) at least according to http://www.co-optimus.com/game/1413/xbox-3...2-dog-days.html (they did mess up with skate3 a few months back).

    Do note there is Mafia II in the next few weeks as well and long term these games rarely last so play it as you will, not long after that we kick off September releases and that it implies.

    *there are many more of us around with a JTAG box after these last few weeks so I might finally see about setting up a proper setup for it all.
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    Very stylish, but short.
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    Tempted to get this, though I may wait for the PC version if it has co-op support also. The first one wasn't bad.
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    Had a go today- split screen co-op is available but the rather fun arcade modes are not split screen (system link apparently exists although I have not bothered to set it up) and a good deal of the content/weapons of such a mode is DLC only (no scene release of it yet).
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    It seems to be getting a critical paddling in some places so I think a double post is in order to address things. I have still not played the first so I am not able to compare it there and that seems to be a major difference between myself and other reviewers.

    Picking a few things
    1)"broken" cover- you say broken I say realistic. Destructible cover is nothing new but does add a nice touch.
    [​IMG] often springs to mind when playing these games.

    2) movement/controls- for me at least I reckon the game has some of the best third person movement controls I have ever seen in a shooting game and definitely above gears. Blind fire is also very well handled (try just lightly squeezing the trigger) not to mention you can "aim" in blind fire mode as well.

    3) inaccurate guns- this I will concede. There are a select few weapons that work well (the level 4* scoped "assault" rifle and the unscoped version before it being especially devastating in arcade mode) but trying to use a few of the "gang" automatic machine pistols and regular pistols did frustrate. This may well be a realism bit in play (machine pistols are not sharpshooter weapons) but I think it would have worked better with an increased stop and watch the crosshairs shrink mechanic. It is neither here nor there but ammo is somewhat scarce at times and there are several exploding things to shoot.
    *you start at a high number and work your way down.

    4) low health. While I did see a few section restarts (mainly playing on medium) this game to me to be less damage sponge and closer to tactical combat. The groundhog day effect does kick in a little bit though (enemies do mix it up but they do noticeably come in "waves"). While you can do a human shield the lack of a close quarters option (you are very likely to lose in punching distance type scenarios) does frustrate. Not sure why the down but not out option drew criticism and seeing as you can self revive (often directly into cover)

    5) Preplanned DLC (30th August apparently)- I consider it tantamount to a kick in the nuts.

    6) Short campaign. Short but I quite liked the story although the ending was rather abrupt, overall though better than whatever is not an RPG that has been released thus far this year/last year (I have not played the Bioshock franchise yet so I reserve the right to revise that statement later in life).
    To (ab)use films as points of reference for the story- if Heat met Hard Boiled but not as awesome as that sounds on paper.
    Level design is quite good for a corridor based shooter but it is often readily apparent that you are playing a corridor based shooter.

    7) bad AI- I do not know what game the reviewers were playing and while we will not see "good" AI in a game like this for a few years yet. Enemies by and large took cover, moved between it and shot at the best target for them to come after. Allies did the job and arcade mode (if they would just slow down a bit* and not walk in front of my crosshairs at the start of missions when I am playing with a sniper rifle/similar........) works well enough. Naturally a good co-op partner makes the game several times better (as an aside the splitscreen works well unlike COD games).

    *given the nature of the mode this might be me but given how often I finish the mission solo with all the loot (and not betraying people) there might be something to be said.

    8) camera effect- this seems to be a personal thing. If you liked the Bourne films, like skateboard/BMX/similar videos, did not mind Cloverfield and films like it then it will probably be quite nice. Similarly it distracts from the awful colour schemes the vast majority of present games use (this was better but still not brilliant).
    I normally do not like games that penalise you for sprinting but the blurry camera effect to my mind works very well.

    9) Arcade mode, my only real criticism of the mode (AI was never going to be brilliant but it gets the job done) is that replaying the same map some 11 times in a row (albeit with increasing difficulty) does get to be somewhat boring; even duke3d in serial port "network" mode had a map selection after a fashion.

    Full price might be tough to justify unless you really like the multiplayer and/or arcade mode but for a weekend co-op session it is well worth it.