K1GBA team doesn't even know GBA original resolution!

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  1. mongusa34

    mongusa34 Newbie

    Jul 27, 2012
    United States
    I thought it was strange that the K1GBA handheld had a resolution of 640x480. Meaning it scales GBA games, which is blurry. After contacting them and recommending a larger screen and resolution same as gen 1 IPhones(480x320) for their next handheld K2, they replied back saying the original GBA was 320x240! That's not even 3:2 aspect ratio!

    How can they work on making an accurate GBA handheld and not know it's correct resolution(240x160)??? At least they're considering a larger screen for the K3 down the line...
  2. pas

    pas Newbie

    Well, as long as it has AV-out and is capable of playing usually hard to emulate/play games such as Payback and Kingdomhearts I'm fine with it.

    To top it off it even support link up with real gbas.

    Great product. Can't wait till mine arrives. :)
  3. DragorianSword

    DragorianSword GBAtemp's #1 Gunter

    Oct 31, 2008
    I assume you contacted the website from which you can order it.
    To be clear: The owner of the site is not the producer, just a correspondent.
    If you read the FAQ that becomes clear: Q: The screen was better than the SP. Is it better than the backlit model (AGS-101) or were you just saying that that\'s the model you have?
    • A: The screen on my prototype was brighter and more colourful than the AGS-101, but I don\'t know which screen the manufacturer chose for the mass production run.

    Also further in the FAQ it becomes clear that the team/person that runs the site doesn't know much about the final version of the K1GBA.
    Like if the K1GBA can be linked with the GC or not (they don't have one to test it with) or what LCD-screen the K1GBA has etc.
  4. ruilong

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    Jun 6, 2012
    United States
    I apologize for this mis-understanding. We may got some mis-understanding in the email. I thought you were asking me the resolution on K1 GBA no the original GBA. Yes, the original GBA got resulution 240x160. The resolution for K1 is 320x240. And K1 offers TV out via AV cables utilizing 640x480 scaling. Yes, we are the only re-seller for K1 currently. We are not the producer but a re-seller for this device. But we got our technical support from Maxzhou who is respond for technical and manufacture. we know we still have a lot of work to improve our support. Thus, we welcome you any suggestion for our website and products. Thank you very much. Again, I apologize for this mis-understanding to you, mongusa34. You guys can correct us once you find any error on our website.

    Finally, the resolution of (240x160) is not as good as you thought on K1 GBA. The manufacture had tried this resolution of K1, but the effect is very good. But you guys may used to the original GBA's resolution. You may get this resolution on K1 after the new firmware released. ( I had reported this to the Maxzhou, and he will consider about it).
  5. gibberish

    gibberish GBAtemp Regular

    Jan 12, 2009
    Firstly, the K1 does not have have a resolution of 640x480, it is 320x240. Secondly, K1GBA are official distributors of the K1 and K101 - they are not involved with manufacture and are not expected to know every last detail of its hardware or the hardware of the original GBA.

    It is quite possible that you simply misinterpreted their reply since English is not their first language. 240x160 screens are very expensive these days compared to 320x240 screens because barely anybody makes them - this is why 320x240 was chosen.

    Try not to be such an ignoramus.
  6. gibberish

    gibberish GBAtemp Regular

    Jan 12, 2009

    It doesn't, it's 320x240

    They're not the manufacturer, they're the distributor. They can't be expected to know the details of all the hardware, or indeed the hardware of the original GBA.
    It could be that you just misinterpreted what they wrote, English is not their first language. Cut them some slack.
  7. kongsnutz

    kongsnutz QuickTimeEvent

    Jul 19, 2008
    It can do 640x480 in video out mode. Tried today picture is really good.
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