Justice League: A New Frontier

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    Just finished watching this awesome film!

    Basically its the newest DC animated film and it was adapted from DC: The New Frontier mini series (which admittedly I've never read) and although it has Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Superman, it focuses more on the origin of Hal Gordons Green Lantern and The Martian Manhunter. They all join forces to battle this living dino island, but thats really the last 20 minutes

    The film is done so damn well, excellent 40's/50's comic book style direction and the voice work is mighty fine too. All characters are handled very very well and it even features the odd cameo of other DC favourites. It is also PG-13 and has a bit of a "mature" theme going through but it is all justified very well.

    So if you like DC stuff give it a try, its not officially out until the end of next month and the only "unlegit" copy has the occasional black & white seen but its a definite buy for me.

    I know WB are getting the JLA film together (though writers strike are stopping it) I just hope that those involved get to see this to see how to put a JL story together

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