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    Dec 8, 2009
    As the title says I just wanted to share my setup and how I have things configured. If there is anything here that I was not suppose to talk about or if it breaks the rules please let me know and I will adjust my post.
    Thank you

    I have Day One Switch with SX OS, always docked.

    I use Fat 32 Format (256GB micro SD)

    SX OS is 3.0.4
    All XCI's are on External 2TB Drive.
    On the root of the drive I have two folders NSP and XCI.

    AutoRCM Installed
    Incognito is installed

    Emunand on SD card.
    Sysnand is 7.0
    Emunand is 10.1.0

    I use Autoloader 1.40
    Switch Cheats Updater
    Kefir Updater 0.30. I rename the account to Online. I also create an account named offline. The reason behind this is Online account I can play Mortal Kombat 11 and other games. The offline is used for most other games unless I get a error or something freezes.

    I have updated my controllers and joycons

    I installed tinfoil/HBG
    Added Jackintheshop
    Disabled Music
    Disabled game cart install
    All updates and DLC

    Retroarch shortcut is xci format pointed to the .nro on Sd card
    Saga Master system

    All have complete box art, cheats and CRT filters. GBA has a handheld GBA boarder.

    SX save manager XCI format for saves. ( haven't tested this yet, if it don't work I will go back to checkpoint. In the past, checkpoint ruined my FF7 saves)

    I have opened all my games least once so that there is no need to goto the album anymore, just click on the game and it loads. I feel that I have everything working and it runs excellent. Would like to have Amiibos working but I guess that will come in time.

    Nintendo online does not work for me. I get a grey screen where the games are suppose to load and then it freezes.

    So what do you guys think? Am I missing anything? Is there something I could change for the better. I am not into themes, custom logos and stuff.
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