just super speculation on possibility of wii and wiiu content on switch

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    I've already suspected that Wii games might come to Nintendo Switch because of the joycons so I agree with you about that.
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    Got a Shield Android TV here, which is about the most powerful. Gamecube games run (for the most part) pretty well at 480p, though not perfect. Wii games? Struggles really - NSMBWii runs at original resolution with frameskip on, OKish, but I tried a couple of times and gave up. Nothing else I tried was worth the bother as it was too slow.

    Now the Switch runs slower clock speeds than that, and even lower on the GPU side when undocked - never say never, but at the most, with a bit of trickery, we might get (some) Gamecube VC running at original resolution. Personally I think Wii is a bit of a pipe dream (would love them to prove me wrong though!)
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    Very true:)
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    However, I think I just figured it out. Nvida said "over 500 years of man years of effort across every facet of creating a new gaming platform. algorithms computer architecture, system design, system software. API's game engines and peripherals. They all had to rethought and redesigned for Nintendo to deliver the best experience for gamers..." That is the key. The worked extremely hard to create software that makes games run smoothly. And better than the Nvida shield. So with this quote In mind. I think its a possibility for wii games. and more than likely at 30 frames per second a minimum. On a nvida shield games run on the more choppy side. But with A switch its because of the software and design. That enables it to run games like breath of the wild.
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