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    Hey, I'm new, but I've spent a lot of time here following guides and posts in the past. For all of my questions in the past I've usually been able to find answers for without asking myself. but this time I cant come across the right answer for me, so I decided to finally make an account and ask myself.

    First I'll tell you about my Wii right now. It's on 3.2u i have homebrew channel and i use USB Loader GX to play all my games. I don't usually buy games for the Wii, since I just don't really enjoy most new games. I usually just use my Wii to run emulators. So I don't mess with my cIOS's very often, the last game that i installed a new cIOS for was New Super Mario Bros Wii. i THINK it was rev14, but it was so long ago, and i was just following a guide, that i cannot remember. but I'm almost positive that every cIOS i've installed has been on 249. my Wii also has bootmii installed on boot2.

    So, now that you have my Wii's life story... (as much as i can recall)

    question 1:

    After you make a NAND backup with bootmii, can you just choose the other option (the one with the arrow going from the SD card to the wii), to set your wii back to the way it was or do you need to do something with the backup in order to put it back on the wii? Or am i totally wrong, and NAND backups don't do this.

    question 2:

    Ok, I'm sure none of you want to read this one, another Monster Hunter Tri question. I'm sorry, I've just read so much different things about it i have no idea what I'm supposed to do. I've extracted the ISO using USB Loader GX (which is fully updated) and I've been getting the looped high pitched beep after I select the New Game option. i read a lot of places that says it just "goes away" after a few tries, but mine has not. other times, I've read that I need to install wanikoko's rev19, and other sites tell me to use a hermes cIOS(I've always used wani's cIOS's before and i don't want to change). It seems every source tells me to install them into a different IOS. and some talk about base IOS's or linked IOS's and i have no idea what they're talking about. Everytime I've just used the installer, installed the latest rev into 249 and everything works. can i just install rev19 in 249 and everything will work? or should i install it to 57, or 38 or whatever else IOS I've been reading would be best.
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    for the 5millionth time, get hermes installer v4 googe it, install 223 wth the option 37 merged 38 and play your game, youll be fine

    its not so much that we dont want to hear about MHT, its just hearing the same question. Everyone knows that as time goes on, ninty will make stupid loops we have to ump thru for the ten seconds it takes to figure them out. You cant expect to softmod last year and play this years games. It really confounds me how ppl just do things to their wiis and not have a clue.
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    Just to mention: Monster Hunter Tri (PAL) works here without any problems from WiiFlow and with Wanin's cIOS rev19 (with Base 37). Playing it right now [​IMG].
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    Answer 1:

    In short...YES. Once you have made a NAND backup with BootMii, just as long as BootMii is still installed, and you still have the NAND backup files [​IMG] , you can restore your NAND back to the same state it was when the NAND image was made. Keep in mind that BootMii's brick protection only works if it was installed as Boot2. If you installed BootMii as a CIOS, then you can only restore the NAND if your Wii can boot up normally, using pre-loader or via a boot-up disc etc. but even that isn't guaranteed ....