Just some kudos from an old person

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    Hey take a bow, I have been on the internet since it existed in a fashion worth mention, I have seen a lot of types of site, a lot of forums, a lot of gaming spots, all the usual social gathering spots.

    I have seen user created private haunts, big commercial operations and locations so obviously devoted to downloading. Serious adult locations and places no young person would even want to go to (because of all the boring serious adults there). I've been to the cutting edge tech spots and the leading edge gaming sites. Specialty sites like Steam and fancy in game options for large MMO crowds.

    With the exception of Facebook I have lost track of how often I have been disappointed by people that just sucked at being genuinely skilled at being social.

    But I have yet to regret coming here.

    Thought you would appreciate being told.

    And I like the current site layout. Looks clean, seems to work smoothly. Well organized too. Kudos to your site dude that keeps the place working.
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    Hey! Haven't seen you in a while. Then again, I don't post that often either, but seeing a fellow veteran makes me stop lurking!

    You're one of those people who keeps this place great! Lots of new kids around, but a lot of them are growing up here, and I've seen a lot of the initially annoying ones turn into great members. Looking back at my first posts, they were kind of the same style! I was young! I was single! I was still in the school system!

    Hahahaha! Anyways, nice to see you back. :)