Just sharing my thoughts about the Homebrews

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by rest0re, Aug 15, 2008.

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    Dec 23, 2006
    Hello hello!

    I was thinking about this prize and such stuff and then I realized something about the homebrews etc. Sometimes some people create really
    stupid homebrews. Like Chuck Norris Facts or Windows XP Simulator. These things could work fine as a tries that you can keep at your hdd
    but they're not imo worth of check out. Most of homebrews are coded by guys who are really young and interested of coding but also they
    don't know much about coding and they just wanna have fun. Well that's one point of homebrews. Other is to make console run your own software.
    But it is really not the most important thing. In my opinion only homebrews worth checking out are the few good ones. We don't need thousand
    Chuck Norris facts or Windows XP simulator. Also one thing I noticed that most of DS emulators are pretty bad compared to gameboy emulators.
    Nes emulator is good but I hate idea of touching the lower screen. It worked better in the Gba, just press L and R. Also Snes emulator is pretty
    useless because it's slow. Good emulators are imo that new genesis emulator with the sound support and ZX Spectrum emulator. They are
    very very good. Also that Deadketchup guy coded awesome CPC emulator. One thing I forgot to mention is that many of those who are doing
    their first project have couple of problems. First problem is that they took too big project like RPG or port X-Com or something else. It's not
    gonna work. You should start some smaller project first which you can port easier like some Flash game from the internets or something like
    that. Second problem is Palib. Palib is really good in the useful hands but mostly these small homebrew Chuck Norris fact games are made
    with it. Because it is easy. Anyway my point is that GBATemp should award Homebrews like Colors or good emulators and not these 0.8345
    version of Chuck Norris facts which have two facts added. And please don't kill me. I'm just here to state what I think...
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    Feb 27, 2008
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    erm. why is this in GOTC?
    it should be in the homebrew section.

    anyways, thanks for sharing your opinion.
    but it seems like all youre doing is complaining about how the homebrews arent good enough :/
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    Dec 16, 2006
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    People who do stuff like Chuck Norris facts don't really expect anyone to use it, they are just doing it for practice, to get their coding skills up.
    I'd write some sort of couter-rant but I have to do other things in a bit, but here's some tips for you:

    When writing a rant (that you want people to read) don't format it the way you did. Add line breaks in logical places, such as when you finish an idea, Not just when you get to a certain point in space. Also. Don't break up. Your sentences at odd places. Like this.

    The plural of "homebrew" is, in fact, "homebrew." Not "homebrews."
    Normally I'm not this picky about that stuff but I wanted to read your rant, but it was very difficult for me because of the above formatting problems plus a few that I'm forgetting...