Just put on Hori Screen Protector

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    Oct 8, 2006
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    Just got my Hori from Ebay. I bought it before I realized the thread about the fake ones. I'm not sure if mine was fake or not but it didn't come with the hori stamped cleaning cloth (fake version). I put the first one on and it accidently fell on without me able to get all the bubles out. I was kind of mad because only 2 came in the package and I didn't want to risk digging my nail to scrape the screen off and re-do it with the last screen. After some use, I got most of the bubles out and if you look close, you can tell there is a protector on, but most of the time I don't notice it. My question is this: If I have a few minor bubbles, or if I got a fake version, do I run any risk of damage?
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    Sep 13, 2003
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    Well, i put on my Hori screenprotectors like 6 months ago, but I must say they still work great. I have some bubbles too, but only near the edges of the screen. You kinda can notice it's attached to my screen though, but when the room is darkened you dont notice them at all. I do have MANY scratches on my touch screen, but I don't care since they are on the protector only. That's what you have a protector for right [​IMG] .

    If you really are annoyed by those bubbles, try pulling the protector off for 50% with some scotch tape, and then with another piece of tape try to stick the dust onto the sticky side of the tape, and then reapply the protector. That did the trick for me. Be sure not to bend the protector too far when doing this, cause it may break.

    I ordened mine from lik-sang.com (with a cleaning cloth), I don't think they were fake so i don't know anything about fake ones.