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    Hello and thanks for this great site and what looks like a lot of info for myself on just everything, lol

    I am over 60, lol, I have a wii and a nds but don't know how to use them or how to save games or copy them to protect them from my G kids and a little boy that I watch every now and then for extra money, This is my main reason for coming here is to learn how to save and use these things with out messing them up, lol

    I am on SSA or SSD and I don't get around very well anymore due to the pain and limits on my mobility, now that its cold or turning cold here i have to stay inside alot and would like to learn more about the games and correct ways to save what i have gotten over the years for my Gkids as they do at time get a little rough with these games, well to me they do, lol,

    Now I do play with my computer a bit and have some ideal of what is posted in the post I have looked at, yet I seem to have at times understanding it all and that is also another point I need to make, what would you suggest for me to read or look at in here to get me going on this, I would like to start out copying Wii games first them to learn how to do the NDS games, I am sure most of you will see this as a easy task and I know my Gkids would also, but I just need a direction or some one to point me in the right way to simple answer and ways to do this,

    In my injury that caused me to loss my ability to work or really limit my life I am having memory problems either from the fall or the lightening strike or both, now I am not looking for sympathy, just want people to know I am this way and why, lol, as I will more than likely post this more than once in my questions, lol

    Ok, thanks again for the site and up front for your help I am sure will come my way, also I am a bad speller, thank goodness you have a spell checker, lol

    Poppa Rob,
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    • For the Wii, the concept mainly involves using some system flaw to hack your Wii, then getting it to play backup games... the thing is newer Wiis can't play backup discs, so most people connect a harddrive to one of the Wii's USB ports to play games off of.
      Explanations on steps involved: http://gbatemp.net/topic/171901-modify-any-wii-43-below/
      Commonly-used hacking tools/method: http://gbatemp.net/topic/207126-modmii-for-windows/
      Backup loader section: http://gbatemp.net/forum/190-wii-backup-loaders/

    • For the DS, it's done via a "flash cart". It's a cart you put in the DS/DSi/3DS like a normal game cart, but it has a MicroSD slot where the flash cart's system software and the DS games you want to play go.
      List/comparison of modern flash carts: http://gbatemp.net/t290097-which-flash-cart-should-i-get
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    welcome to this site!. for yoiur wii hacking first you might wanna get the system menu version in the wii menu press the wii button then press wii settings and it will say the wii menu version on the top right corner. if it is 4.1 or under then you wii be able to play region free games (aka games from europe japan etc). once your got you SM versiondownload this software called Modmii by Xflak and it will help you soft mod your wii. make sure you put the correct system menu version and region or your hacking will fail. once your followed through modmiis guide you are ready to play backups off your wii (don't use neogamma use a usb loader like cfg becuase it is faster and way better)
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    Hello and thanks for the 2 replies so far,

    I'll be checking out those soon, the Wii is one of the older ones, it has been updated, that is the firmware has but not lately, lol

    I am planning on using an old HD connected to the usb connection on the Wii, its about 80gig and a seagate as that seems to be brand that will work on this type of thing from what I read before finding this site, lol, correct me if I am wrong, well on everything please, lol

    Ok, I have to go see Doctor as My Ride is here and see how much I have to give up to live a little longer, lol

    Poppa Rob, Thanks again,
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    my brain picked up two types of questions in your post.

    are you asking how to back up your games to ROMs/ISOs as well as their save files? or are you looking for information on how to run pirated games, your back-ups, and homebrew on your systems? we can help you with both questions.

    ds is much easier to get up and running with roms/homebrew. you really just buy a flash kit, update it (if needed), drop the files on and boot the system. the wii will require a bit more work (although not super difficult it will require more reading and harder steps).

    -another world