Just how relaxed is this board....

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  1. Harsky

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    Aug 2, 2004
    ...towards topics that help with warez, mp3 etc. NOT as in how to get hold of them but more in the asking for programs that help with duplicating, ripping stuff. I went on to other forums and someone asked if it's possible to copy Xbox games and in an instant, topic locked. Now, I remembered asking help for burning a Saturn ISO game and everyone help was helpful. What is the policy on things like this?
  2. Ruth

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    Jul 30, 2003
    Umm, well aside from the whole not being allowed to ask for where to get stuff, I don't think we have any strict policy against asking for help on actually using said warez, or such....
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    Oct 24, 2002
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    There's a line, if you cross it; the topic will get locked. But as long as you stay behind that line, you (and we) should be okay!

    Basically, we must keep the board legal. It's fairly legal to post information on ROM releases, and discuss them but you can't post any information on how or where to get them. So as long as you "cover your tracks", it's fine.

    You can't exactly tell people how to bypass protection on software though, like posting cracks or explaining how to crack a software. Nor can you post keygens or serial numbers etc...

    This accounts for all licenced material though, even small things that seem insignificant, like a single commercial MP3 that is copyrighted.

    If we keep the board clean, then GBAtemp can live its life without fear of being closed. [​IMG]
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