just got an m3 lite need help

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  1. megamangamer

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    Jul 5, 2004
    ive gotten an m3 lite and a passcard but i really dont know what to do or where to get the firmware

    so can somebody please tell me what i should do to ready the slot 2 card before loading stuff on it
  2. WigWrm

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    Apr 17, 2007
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    Go to linfoxdomain.com in the ds downloads section
    Find firmware e35 "updagcsd.e35.rar"
    Put updagcsd.e35 file on root of microsd card
    Turn on DS and follow on screen instructions for updating firmware
    Download Game Manager 36A (Used for sending and patching roms to your MicroSD card)
    Use m3wiki.com for nds game settings

    -For GBA Games
    Rom Patching Options

    Softpatch "Changes savetype to SRAM"
    Hardware 1 "Used for converting Flash save types to SRAM"
    Hardware 2 "No savetype conversion, clean rom setting"

    All games that use SRAM and EEPROM as save types need not be patched.
    For these titles use Hardware 2 option.

    All games that use FLASH save types must be patched
    For these titles use Hardware 1 option

    Softpatch is uneeded for any game.

    FLASH save type gameslist: