Just got a 3DS, have a few questions.

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    Hi, So I have been out of the 3DS scene a few years since I had last one stolen. But my wife bought me one for Christmas, as well as a DSTWO plus.

    It was the Super Mario 3D land Bundle, and the firmware version is 6.1.0-12U.

    I have tried searching and reading up but a lot of stuff seems contradictory or out dated. I am thinking of using the DSTWO for DS functions and going CFW for 3DS (I am aware the dstwo plus can do 3ds) is this the best route?

    Also, how would I get started with CFW? I do have a launch copy of OOT that I bought with my first 3DS. What is the best way to go and what are the advantages of CFW over just using the DSTWO plus?
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