Just bought my system and am a little worried

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by rvd42387, May 4, 2010.

  1. rvd42387

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    I just bought an XBOX 360 system off craigslist after I paid the guy can got home I received an email telling me that the system was soft modded well I tested a couple games on live and they all worked. I am however worried that a future firmware update might brick my system or playing legit retail games may get me banned from the XBL network as I don't know how the XBOX360 modding stuff works can anyone give me any information on either how to unmod the system or if I can be banned just for playing regular games or if there is a chance I can be bricked on a future update

    Thank you
  2. DEagleson

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    May 23, 2009
    What did he mean by saying it was softmodded?
    My guess would be that its DVD firmware flashed, and that it can play burned games.

    Mines JTAGed running XBR so im 100% instaban the second i enter live. xD
  3. rvd42387

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    he said that it is DVD flashed softmod and yea he said it plays burnt games, I do not intend to do this because I only wanted the system to play a few games with my buddys back home and I just really dont want to get banned
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    Replace the Disc Drive, with a new unflashed one should fix the problem. I think.
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    Brick- no.
    Ban- tough to say but I would not bet on your being safe, equally you may have already been "flagged" (not in the usual sense of the word in these circles). Suffice it to say just having a flashed drive has been enough to warrant a ban in the past.
    Similarly if the person using it before has played bad copies or it is simply an older hacked firmware then your chances drop.

    Outright replacing the DVD drive will not work and indeed your console will not play games if you do- the drives need a console specific key to work (this is the only thing stopping flashing drives being totally trivial). You can spoof a drive to act as another if you really wanted to replace it.

    You can return to stock if that is your wish, if you already have a flashed drive then keys should be easy to grab (you might as well grab them yourself but if the guy is willing to send them for you then you can go that route) so no need for extra hardware beyond a compatible sata card.
    Once you have the keys you can inject them into an original firmware image (they are floating around the internet should you so desire) and flash that one back.
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    Apr 9, 2009
    You will not be banned for using official copies of games. They can't usually tell the drive is flashed unless you play unofficial game copies. At least, it's a very low chance. My buddy has a 360 with a flashed drive, and he plays online all the time. (using official copies of the games of course). Just don't run back ups with your 360 connected to live. That'll get you banned easy.

    If you do get banned however, the easiest solution is buying a new arcade system and then taking the banned one back in the new arcades place.
    Preferably at walmart, where they don't do proper checks of things and will let people return damn near anything without a hassle. (I did this for my RRoD'd 360, haha)
  7. Maz7006

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    Aug 2, 2008
    Doesn't matter, i always disconnected my 360 when i had a back up in it. Used to only connect to Live for the market place and update my game score and i was banned in this last "wave"