Just bought brand new PSP 2000

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    Ok so as the title mentions I just bought a brand new PSP 2000. Mint. Got it for 85. I think it is a steal because this baby is awesome.

    Anyways it is on factory reset and I just wanna get some info before I get a CFW on this thing.

    Here is what I need. The best firmware with the best ISO compatibility and some kind of cheat plugin. Personally I hope I can use cwcheat because I am a big fan of it and it is very easy to use and update its DB.

    Thanks in advanced.

    On a sidenote anybody know how to fix a broken photofast ms pro duo? Its not really broken but when I tried to take it out of the psp it decided to kind of open in half. Don't know how to fix it so I left it in my PSP 1000. It won't spring up.

    EDIT: I don't need a broken PSP anymore. So if anybody wants it for parts let me know. It's a 1000. It just won't turn on as far as I know. If you get it to turn on you got yourself a good condition PSP.

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    Since you got a 2000, I'd run the latest version of Hellcat's Recovery Flasher on your PSP so that you know if your motherboard is hackable or not. If it is,you can install a full custom firmware directly onto your PSP. If not, then you'll have to update your PSP to 6.39 or so and get a low-custom firmware for it. They're both basically the same, it's just that the lcfw wears off every time you turn off your psp completely until you run the lcfw app again. Both also have very good iso compatibility and can use cwcheat.