just bought an Acekard 2

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by engruzii, Aug 1, 2008.

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    ok i just bought my Acekard 2 & i have a few questions so thanks in advance for any helpful information

    1) which update should i use for the cart is the one in the main site (4.07a15) or the (4.0.7.K10 by Bliss) one? & which one is better?

    2) what is AKAIO 1.1r2 & can i install it/ use it with the latest firmware or it is a firmware?

    3) is there any certain SD memory brand that can cause a slow-down & what is the best SD memory brand for the acekard 2?

    thanks in advance again for any helpful information [​IMG]
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    1) Bliss is better than the original, but AIO is better than Bliss.
    2) AIO (like Bliss) is essentially a replacement for the official firmware. Bliss have every feature of the official plus lots of extra features. AIO has nearly every feature Bliss has plus several that Bliss doesn't have. You install AIO just as you would install the official firmware (just place the akmenu2.nds file and the __aio folder on the microSD card).
    3) Depends on what size you want. If you want a 1GB or 2GB card, a Japanese Kingston microSD is recommended. If you want anything higher, get a class-6 microSDHC (A-Data has a 4GB one that's recommended a lot).