Just bought a Sky3ds Need a couple of answers please

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    Just bought Sky3ds
    Came with no instructions but I searched the internet to learn how to work it. But I still have a couple of question in regards to how to work it and how it works.

    1) How does it save the game you are playing? Do I need to keep a bit of MB on the SD card to hold the save files?

    2)Can I play multiple games and still save or will it get overwritten?

    3)What is EEPROM? Games like Animal Crossing or Pokemon X has no EEPROM (Whatever that means)
    Do I need to do something special so it will save the games I am playing with no EEPROM.

    4) Can I update games from the e-shop or will that make me banned in some way.

    Last Question. If I have a 32gb SD card Should I use all the memory or leave some for something that will be needed?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer
  2. Osmosis

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    To save the savedata to mSD in Sky3DS just cycle past the game you're playing. Yes, try to leave at least 1GB free so the Sky3DS can save to mSD. If wanting to fit all 31 games (current limit per mSD) try using the ROM-TOOL to trim your roms. Or you can wait through Diskwriter's OPTIMISE feature and it will backup and trim your ROMs for you.

    You can play multiple games and it will save as long as you cycle past them when you're done. This means you must cycle past the game you want to use BACKUP SAVEDATA in Diskwriter for.
    Yes and no. EEPROM-NO games are what we call NAND games. They save through sysNAND and to cart. So games like Pokemon and Animal crossing do require a bit more work. Be warned: Anytime you delete the NAND ROM from the mSD and try to write the original and expect it to load the same savedata, it won't. So backup your ROM and SAVEDATA in Diskwriter before you delete it.

    If someone knows how to save a Pokemon ORASXY savedata, please link. I still need to learn this as well.
    You may use eShop to install update patches. Yes. No problems there. But to access eShop you're always going to need latest firmware. Just letting you know ahead of time.
    Like I said earlier, to fit all 31 games onto a 32GB mSD it is best to use ROM-TOOL to trim your roms before writing them to Diskwriter. This will guarentee that you can play all 31 games and still have room left over. No, trimming will not affect the ROMs. It just cuts the free bits out of the ROM and leaves everything else untouched. I currently have a 32GB mSD with 31 games and 8GB of free space left. Although some games are larger than others even after trimming, I find it very unlikely that you'll ever fill up a 32GB with 31 games and NOT have free space left over.

    So get ROM-TOOL. Search the forum and DL it. It's a CMD line tool, so read up on how to use it. I recommend that you keep a "master ROM" folder and a "Trimmed ROM" folder.
    Don't forget... BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP. Then fiddle around with it. Always try to use latest Diskwriter and templateXXXX.txt file with Sky3DS.

    Learn to use and understand the Blue Button and how cycling works. After every time you write games or edit the mSD in Diskwriter, you'll have to do a triple insert for the games to appear. Always let the blinking light finish blinking.

    Holding the blue button down while inserting will "reset" the cycle position back to the beginning. Good way to "go backwards".

    Try to use a USB mSD adapter for Diskwriter. Avoid using USB hubs and the infamous mSD card slot adapter. Some reason Diskwriter doesn't like these.

    If you have any more issues, please feel free to come back and ask. Congrats on your new Sky3DS!
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    Sep 19, 2009
    So saving in-game does nothing? Or is it required as a first step (in-game save + blue button)?
    Also please don't say mSD. It's microSD or microSD card. For some reason if you say mSD, I think of an miniSD card. :creep:
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