Hacking Just bought a Rebug 4.81 PS3. Want to start from scratch.


Feb 2, 2016
United States
Hey guys, I was a part of the scene about 4 years ago, until the PS3 I had crapped out on me. Recently, I've been wanting to get back into PS3 gaming and homebrew but getting a system on the correct firmware was impossible around here. Yesterday, I ran into a guy that had a Rebug 4.81 PS3 (120GB slim) and I got him to sell it to me. Today, I'm playing around with it (It's banned but I never intended to go online with this anyway) and while some of the sorta stuff is familiar, (Rebug toolbox, PSLIGHT and Multiman) others have come around since I've left the scene. (Webman MOD, PSNPatch and COBRA)
Here is some info from Rebug toolbox that might help.

Rebug Toolbox Version: 02.02.12
IP address:
LV2 Kernal: CEX
Target Type: CEX
Free HDD space:
COBRA: 7.54

Basically, I want to "wipe and relearn". I want to upgrade the HDD to an internal 1TB and reinstall everything like homebrew, emulation, Rebug, Multiman, COBRA and Webman so I can get what I want on this PS3 and relearn along the way. Though I don't want to lose the CFW. Everything done after the CFW installation would be great. Can anyone point to a good tutorial I can use? From reformatting (and not losing the CFW) to installing the apps. Also, on my old PS3, I was able to switch from CEX and DEX but I now don't remember how. In this new one, within toolbox, it is saying I need to install REBUG REX EDITION. (????)
Thanks guys!!

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