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    Nihao all.

    I've just bought a modded XBOX 360, made some researches, and I wanna check wheather i got the info correctly or not. Also, I have some questions... If anyone can help, I thank you in advance.
    BTW, my specs are:
    XBOX Model: Arcade
    Motherboard model: Jasper
    Mod method: iXtreme 1.7 LT
    Disc Drive: Phillips Lite-On
    Menu version: 2.0.8955.0 (If i'm not wrong, it was updated using the Ninety Nine Nights 2 game disc)

    So, here we go:

    -= True or False questions (any more in depth info is welcome) will be posted as statements (X for false, V for true) =-
    1) Flashing the drive only allows me to play backup games. (X) / (V)
    2) To play "backup" XLBA games and to use "backup" DLC, only with a JTagged console. (X) / (V)
    Addtional info: There is a possiblity of playing some XLBA game through the Moder Warfare 2 glitch, but not all.
    2.a) There is a new method to play XLBA, but you need to be connected to LIVE and to use another profile, so if you're banned, so sorry. (X) / (V)
    Addtional info: It's better to stay away from it.
    3) There is no "ISO loader" for the 360. You need to use the original (or backup) disc to start the game after installing it on the HDD. (X) / (V)
    3.a) It IS possible to run it withou the disc on a JTaggeg console. (X) / (V)
    4) The new dashboard update (the one that will add the Knectic functions) will ban flashed drives, even the ones with LT 1.7. (X) / (V)
    Addtional info: Not possible to assume it, since it's not officially out. BUT you will be banned if you use the leaked one.
    5) My console cannot be JTagged. (X) / (V)
    6) I need an XBOX 360 hard drive to play XBOX's games (that are backward compatible). (X) / (V)
    Addtional info: It's better to use a Original XBOX to play its games.
    7) There is no XBOX multigame disc (like having two or more original XBOX games in one disc, as you can do with Gamecube backups). (X) / (V)
    Addtional info: True for 360, false for the Original (you can make a multigame disc on the first XBOX.
    8) Gamerscore (G) points have no purpose other than bragging yourself. (X) / (V)

    -=: General questions :=-
    1) In most of sources it's said you can only play XBOX's backups if they are burned as a 360 game (using a DL disc), but there is on iXtreme changelog that said you could play normal backups (no DL discs). Is this feature false / discarted?
    Answer: Feature discarted after the first banwave.
    2) I know the just by flashing the drive i became a candidate to be banned (if I connect to Live, that is), and that using stealth games my changes of being banned get lower (never zero). The question is: if i play a non-stealth game offline, is it a problem? Like, should I only care about having a stealthed game if i want to play it online?
    Partial answer: Yes, playing offline do not award me a ban ticket.
    2.a) XBOX 360 is able to stay online even if i'm not actually playing anything "online" (like, with / against someone via internet). Will playing a non-stealth offiline game while connect also award me a ban ticket?
    3) I've read that if you don't want to be banned on the next ban wave, you should not update the dashboard. So... If I don't update, i won't be banned, right?
    Partial answer: It's better to return the drive's firmware to the original one (stock), update to the new dash and then re-flash it to the new iXtreme.
    4) In case i'm banned, will I be able to buy XLBA games and DLC contents?
    Answer: No. Part of the banwave process is preventing me from buying things online (basically, to use LIVE as a whole).
    5) Let presume the Ban wave already "passed" and i'm not, yet, flagged to be banned. Will I be able to connect after the ban wave with no problems (until the next wave comes, that is)?
    Partial answer: Maybe, most probaly yes.
    6) Can original XBOX's games be played online?
    Answer: No.
    7) If a burnt game starts to give "reading errors", is it a bad thing (besides the fact I'll have to burn'em again)? Like, will MS be able to "flag" me because of this?
    Partial answer: Maybe. Some believe it will give me a ban ticket, but it's a risky action from MS, since it may also ban legit gamers with children.
    8) Do game saves work for different regions? Like, if I play a PAL game and then, without any reason, i decide to continue with a US version, will the save be accepted or I will have to start from the beginning?
    Answer: Maybe. As stated everywhere, region lock on 360 is not a sure thing. Some developers do, some don't. BUT, most probably my previous save will work.
    8.a) Special edition games (lilke Burnout Paradise Ultimate Box and Batman Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition, for example) will accept the "normal" edition saves?
    Answer: Most probaly, yes, since special editions tend to be jsut a "repack" of the old game bundled with DLCs.
    8.b) Can save games be backed up (in a USB, and then PC, for example)?
    Answer: Yes.

    I think that's it for now. Thanks in advance.

    [Edit 01]: Reflecting tk_saturn's post. Thanks!
    [Edit 02]: Reflecting FAST6191's post. Thanks!
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    Your console cannot be JTAG'ed, it's efuses are blown. You cannot 'download' DLC for this console, that requires a JTAG.

    You can only run XBOX360 games from the HDD on a JTAG, you convert them to a GOD or simply copy over the contents of the disc.

    The 'new method' of using someone elses XBLA has been around for a long time, I'm pretty sure Microsoft will ban those doing it. It's also hassle, and you can't play them without signing into the other persons profile.

    If you have a flashed drive and go online, assume you will get banned. It's recommended you flash your drive back to stock before updating to the kinect dash once it's officially released. That will lesson the chance of getting banned. Sign into live, then relflash your drive back to LT.
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    Thanks for the answers tk!
    I'll update my first post to reflect these info.
    But, when you say:

    Won't this ban me nevertheless, since the new dash will kinda "autoban" iXtreme flashed drives?
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    Jan 26, 2010
    Take a look at this post http://team-xecuter.com/xbox-live-some-test-results/

    You won't know if the new Dashboard will ban modded consoles, as it's not out yet only the beta. You'll get banned for using the beta, as they will know you aren't meant to be using it.

    If you flash your drive back to stock, connect to live and allow it to update, then flash back to LT. There's a chance you may get away with being banned provided you use ssv2 backups.
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    1) Yes
    2) Consider it yes. There are some exploits to play the odd XBLA game (see modern warfare 2 glitch) and some DLC will work too (it is part of how it works- borderlands, mass effect 2 and fallout 3 to name a few)
    2a) Ignore it
    3) True. I have been meaning to trial some stuff with single layer and partial rips (see NXE installs working with scratched discs and some of the modded COD hacks with disk swap type methods). It is almost certainly ban fodder though.
    4) Unsure- the basis for much of this is a few lines in the iextreme LT nfo (similarly referring to it as LT 1.7 is confusing and possibly erroneous- there never was an iextreme 1.7 as LT is a new branch much like the jump from xtreme to iextreme way back when*).
    5) If it says 8955 then consider it unhackable
    6) As far as I am aware you do. I am not sure if it works with the new USB stuff though- my suggestion as always though is find an original xbox and hack that.
    7) Not this side of JTAG (the original xbox is a different matter entirely though).
    8) Yeah gamerscore is pointless.

    *some of the stuff happening here lends further weight to my single layer hypothesis.

    General questions.

    1) That was likely a feature of the xtreme firmwares- that was dropped for the first banning wave and new iextreme firmwares.
    2) Most games come stealthed up enough (you might have to fix older ones but if you are using LT you will have to anyway)- to answer the side question yes it means you are making your own rips or downloading them rather than taking a trip into the city (you might be able to beat some of those into good form but it is by no means assured).
    3) It seems to be paranoia but that is usually a good thing in these circles up to a point. If you have the keys (better yet a couple of premade firmwares) then flashing is fairly painless anyway.
    4) No that is part of banning. You should still be able to play what you already have though.
    5) That is the working theory and indeed we still have many DVD hacked users rocking pre LT firmwares.
    6) Not as of a couple of weeks back. Not sure about system link for original xbox games.
    7) That was a working theory too (see jitter)- between kids, dust, grease and dying/bad drives that is a decidedly risky strategy on the part of MS though.
    8) Region coding is tricky- some games do, some do not and some pick odd regions. ABGX360 (the checking tool) will tell you what regions it works for and http://www.abgx.net/filename/?ch=6 has a nice list. I think Brazil counts as the US as far as games go but do check as things can come from all over.
    As for transfer of saves it should work fine for most games but there might be games out there with different IDs (there certainly are in the XBLA world)- if you did encounter it you might well have the option of a save editor though.
    8a) GOTY, special edition and words like that mean a couple of things. Rarely is a new disc mastered though (indeed I can not think of any) so it will be the same game.
    It usually means one of two things
    1) A fancy helmet/extra weapon or some such for an expensive edition or prerelease. This will usually mean a code in the box.
    2) Some DLC is bundled with the version and this comes in three forms.
    i) A code to download the DLC from live for nothing (examples gears of war 2, resident evil 5 gold edition).
    ii) An installer for the DLC packs* (borderlands, oblivion).
    iii) Another disc for the extra stuff (GTA lost and damned, possibly Halo ODST depending on how you look at it- it is certainly the same idea)
    8b) the last update added USB drive compatibility (so you can transfer saves and then use something like xtaf to extract them from the USB drive but if you were bored you could always snatch data from the hard drive itself with a read (or pulled apart and hooked up to your PC) with a program like Xplorer 360

    *It is no coincidence they feature up above in the quickfire round in reply to the do I need a JTAG question although you are probably limited to the DLC that comes on discs in the case of borderlands. I can not link you a thread as the best one contains downloads but if you can not find more (it amounts to transferring the data to your 360's hard drive as any JTAG user would) then you get to hand in your would be hacker badge.
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    Thanks for the link, tk. It seems that if you have patience to flash and unflash your drive, you can extend your 360 LIVE's access right life span.

    Thanks for the answers Boomer, err, Fast.
    I've read you can system link old XBOX games.
    About the special editions, I've read that in the examples I game (Batman and Burnout) they are more or less what you said: games bundled with DLCs. I just don't know if the DLC were installed on my 360 or if the game were re-authored with the DLC.

    I think my doubts about the 360 scene are being clearly cleared [​IMG]
    Thank you all.