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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Nineveh, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Nineveh

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    May 22, 2008
    As I was browsing these forums today a thing occurred to me.

    Despite the fact that there is a lot of bickering and complaining in regards to the lack of effort put into searching for commonly asked questions prior to creating new threads, perpetual requests for download links and occasional personal attacks, one trait remains common to this forum; namely the willingness to help and the amount of actual knowledge available throughout the community as a whole.

    The majority of posts I have been reading over the last couple of weeks are answered within minutes, often by several people, and more often than not the query is quickly resolved. While the frequency of such requests must be all but onerous to the more experienced (and sometimes not so experienced users) users of the forum, please recall that you've all started out at some stage, with little to no knowledge of what you were doing. Obviously some people spend more time than others reading through the information available prior to posting, but again we are all different; personally I post little and spend more time reading through the posts already written.

    Such trivial requests will continue to appear, it is inevitable. One thing that would greatly ease the introduction to "Wii Hacking" would be an all covering FAQ thread which linked directly to all the commonly asked questions (this is merely a suggestion, and I am sure there are more than enough people who are eager to write it). Even if such questions reappear, there is no point in taking an elitist approach and call everyone who asks these questions all kinds of names. Several preferable choices are available; suggest that this information is easily obtainable through the search function (note suggest), ignore the post (rest assured some newer members will always be interested in helping out the newest one if they felt they were given a warm welcome themselves) or if you have some spare time available, try to resolve the issue yourself.

    Knowledge and ability is one thing, but knowledge alone will not bring the respect which seems to be such an important issue for many members of this forum. Respect comes from knowledge combined with tact and patience.

    Concluding a wordy and surely windy post, I have found answers to all my questions and needs on this forum, through posting, through reading and through private messages. This forum contains a plethora of knowledge and guidelines and has the potential to become even more.

    So thanks to all those who continually assist those in need when it comes to what might seem "trivial" questions! It might not always be fun, but it builds a community [​IMG]
  2. Volkov

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    Jan 31, 2008
    I don't mind continuing to help out as I always do, and there's always guide's being made into stickies as you can see....There really is a lot to cover on every specific topic, and most of the time problems occur are one of, or something you couldn't foresee to write in an FAQ but I guess anything is better than nothing...