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    Hey SUp! Hey I think for registration you should include data like
    MSN:[email protected]
    E-Mail:[email protected]
    sum stuff like that and anime forum(subject)

    and other things like clickable profile to see homepage and more

    TO THE PEOPLE:Suggest Other Things here
    2 moderators who read this make this a sticky please
  2. targetwing30

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    The way of the poular websites in ancient words:
    Look to the left look to the right look in the middle and you see your counter.Look at your page all together.See what you need and see what you don't. Look within your mind and open your power of creativity. Open your powers open your city. And give it some publicity. Now you see I hope you do. In favor GO here or meet Mr.Buu . See the wonders which hold thy keys to the way of the power of publicity.GIve your answers give your wrongs and change them into power. REading from the manual of Targetwing's way of the web Not really a true book

    Now listen here I say I say Go meet miste Hons or go here to meet the one and only Gohan. Go beata mr. Keata or come here to meet VEGETA.
    Don't go to the tv and watch channel SHOW,instead go here to see the pics of YuYU Hakusho. Here you will see wing,GUndam Wing and more.Reading from Targetwing30's way of the web
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    Oct 26, 2002
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    u can do all that by editing ur profile. and u can see other ppls profile by clicking on their names
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    Oct 25, 2002
    heehee lol d2
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