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    alright guys so I want to sell some things on ebay (a dsi, an ipod touch and some other things) but there are a couple things I am not really sure of.

    1. Do I need a pay pal account? If so what do I need to make a pay pal account?

    2. How much should I ask for my ipod touch to give you an idea of its condition the software works perfectly and the speaker and head phone jack are fine but there is a couple inch or so cracks on the top part of the scree.
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    You don't need a PayPal account but it might be a good idea to set one up, as there's more buyer protection.

    It really depends on the age of the device, which generation it is and what you decide.

    You have over 100 posts so if you want you can just use the trading forum or even try selling them on ShopTemp.net. With ShopTemp you will need a PayPal account though.

    If you decide to go down the ShopTemp route, this thread should help.