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    And after having been found with datamining before the game was even released, but nowhere to be found when it hit the west, Jubei is coming to BBCF, as revealed in a new trailer released by ArkSys a few days ago, after being demanded by fans for years, the final member of the Six Heroes is finally here. Jubei is a prominent character through out the series, and it's about time he showed up as playable character. according to the trailer, he should be showing up to duke it out with his wife sometime in this summer. so not only will we be seeing him added as a playable character, but probably some new story content featuring Jubei and Nine. and throw in the fact this is ArkSYs, we'll also be getting about 3 new battle themes.
    .....and am I the only one who wants those english Voiceovers so bad right now ?

    a quote from ArkSys​

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