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    it's been quite some time now that i've jtaged my console everything works fine XBR, XEXmenu, Emulators and homebrews.

    and so in my exploration on my homebrew enabled xbox, i want to try linux with it and read a few about it but i still got some questions i couldn't find and here it is

    -can i boot a linux live CD on XBR? since it can run unsigned code xell and stuff... can it?
    -if i where to boot a live CD on XBR can i install it on my HD (official one's)
    -can i only boot linux live CD's on "XELL" and not on XBR? i asked about this since i want run linux without first flashing XELL and play games and flash again XBR.
    -what is the best linux distro to use on xbox 360?
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    1)Xell allows unsigned code, XBR allows it but has provisions for the kernel as well. Note however that xell still remains on a hacked system (XBR does not remove it). Boot with tray ejected is usual way of launching xell (although we suggest xellous over xell these days).

    2) Yes http://www.free60.org/Main_Page although they are quite old at this point (first being made for the old king kong hack and not really seeing any work for some time now- this includes some of the later developments).

    3) See 1

    4) Having not used one I am not about to call it, looking at what is available I would probably rate it as toy linux though (not as developed as say the original xbox and way overpowered in some ways and underpowered in others).