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    So, my jtagged 360 won't boot anymore for unknown reasons. I assume it is due to a corrupted nand from when I updated to 13599 a few weeks ago. It slowly began messing up and freezing and now, it won't boot. I have an original nand and I could back it up and try to update it again, but I fear that it may just lead me to another corrupted nand. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a donor nand or something that is already on 13599 without problems and use XELL to install it. Anybody know if this might work?
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    First does this include xell?
    Corrupted NAND (or perhaps more accurately dying NAND) might be it but more likely it is the early stages of RRoD.
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    If you're good at soldering you could solder on a NAND chip from a RROD machine and reprogram it with nandpro.

    It's worth a shot imo.