JPN Game Flood, Redumps, Misc DS News

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by TPi, Feb 10, 2006.

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    There were several bits of news in the DS section this week:

    1. A tool to dump your own NDS system BIOS was released. This will help emulator and homebrew DS developers and will allow you to use the (limited) NDS portion of NO$GBA!
    Topic HERE

    2. Several of the recent Japanese NDS releases made by team SCZ were dumped improperly. They redumped them all and Shaun has updated all the old release topics with the new information. Redumped games are:
    - Dragon Ball Z: Bukuu Ressen (J)
    - Harobots Action (J)
    - Lost Magic (J)
    - Mangaka Debut Monogatari DS (J)
    - New Rainbow Island (J)
    - Super Black Bass DS: Dynamic Shot (J)
    - Unou no Tatsujin Soukai Machigai Museum (J)
    - Urusei Yatsura Endless Summer (J)

    3. It looks like things are reverting back to the early days of the DS. 6 new Japanese releases! The site will be updated once their order has been confirmed. - (DONE!) Releases are:
    - Arashi no Yoruni (J)(by Mode7)(128MBIT)
    - Asphalt Urban GT (J)(by Mode7)(256MBIT)
    - Minna no Mahjong DS (J)(by Mode7)(64MBIT)
    - Oekaki Puzzle Battle Gaogaiger (J)(by Mode7)(128MBIT)
    - Robots (J)(by Mode7)(256MBIT)
    - The Sims 2: Hachamecha Hotel Life (J)(by Mode7)(512MBIT)

    I'm sure some of you have noticed the new image displaying system. All the kinks should be worked out by now, and you are encouraged to reload your browser's cache and login again to avoid any further issues.

    GBAtemp, bringing you the news first.

    edit: Resident Evil: Deadly Silence (U)(by WRG)(1024MBIT) released!
    Also: Nihon_Pro_Mahjong_Kishikai_Kanshuu_Pro_Ni_Naru_Mahjong_DS_JPN_NDS-WRG
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    Feb 21, 2004
    Your news-posting abilities are turning me on...

    *Resident Evil: Awkward Silence*

    a nice bunch of good news and now yet another game I must play, at least if I can pry my hands away from The Rub Rabbits...
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    [​IMG] How wrong does that sound [​IMG]
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    YAY Resident Evil DS released!
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    Nov 19, 2002
    Thats going to be a huge decrease in the undumped list, there are now less JPN games to be dumped than EUR.
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    Anyone using M3's non beta with RE? Do you get white screens when you die? Probally be better if I flash the game and find out for myself!

    *Edit, wow green blood for USA version is GAY!!!! You can switch it to REd in options just so you all know!

    *Edit, yup damn gotta use the Beta software to play =(