JP Corpse Party 3DS Demo vs US Corpse Party PSP

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    NOTE: I apologize for not having gameplay footage or even screenshots. I don't have a capture card and NTR CFW doesn't work on Gateway EmuNAND 9.9
    Please forgive me.

    So in 7 days, Corpse Party will be released on the 3DS. If you haven't had the chance to play the Japanese demo, I'm here to cover the main differences (thus far).

    Gameplay: For the most part, it's just like the PSP version, except the cutscene animations are faster.
    Audio: In the PSP version, there were areas with absolute silence. In the 3DS version, there is a cool ambient track playing, at least in Chapter 1. (Play to the part where Naomi and Seiko are trying to get the Infirmary key)
    Graphics: The 3DS version may look like the PSP version upon first glance, but the Character sprites and maps are a bit more refined on the 3DS. Plus, some parts are in 3D, like the anatomy sign in the Infirmary.
    Other: While the PSP version is complete and translated, ready to play now, the 3DS version may come over to the US soon and it will have something to boast about; Extra chapters!

    Should you get the 3DS version when it's released? Obvious answer from a Corpse Party fan, but um... Yeah! If you're gonna get it on your iPhone, you should hold off and get this version when you see fit (whether you want to wait for a US release or just get it now in Japanese.)
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    This is reason #1 why I don't think it's wroth translating. Also coming to PC this year.
    Any ways here's what I found out after decrypting the game I found the script for the first chapter in romfs\data\chap1\chap1_scriptlist.MSG. Loading it into MSWord with JIS encoding you can see right away the first line in the game "チャプター1のオープニングを見ますか" where it asks you if you want to view the chapter prologue.

    I've never done a translation before but I doubt it's easy as just pasting in text. Does the game even support half-width English characters? Maybe not. And when I have tried altering text in other games I've noticed that adding or removing a extra character will often throw everything off.

    Comparing the files of the PSP and 3DS version I'm noticing that the 3DS version is missing a extra003 chapter folder but gained 11,20,21,22,23,100. I guess these are the new chapter that would be I would be interested in playing if they were translated.
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