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    Region free by the looks of things.

    First things first it is known as All Blacks Rugby Challenge in New Zealand, Wallabies Rugby Challenge in Australia and Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge everywhere else.
    Developers Sidhe are probably best known for GripShift (PSP), Shatter (PSN/PS3) and Blood Drive (PS360) although they have several rugby league titles under their belt going back to the PS2 at least, this is a rugby union title and although fighting words in places they are not all that different. Rarely are these more offbeat sports catered to as well as football (be it American or "soccer") or the other big American sports giving rise to a sort of beggars can not be choosers mindset so consider this going in not to mention Rugby World Cup 2011 has been pretty much panned. Apparently it has several licenses for those concerned with such things.
    One review
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    <b>Video</b> Gameplay from the developers.

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