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    Nov 21, 2005
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    It does not appear to be on youtube yet so you will have to go to the link.

    Some seem to have a dislike of the guy, I have never really had a problem with anything he has done though and it usually provides me with something interesting to watch on Monday evenings. Here though I am not so sure I agree at all, indeed I do not tend to make discussion threads for this sort of thing and doing it here would seem to be telling. Firstly the term whale is a fairly common one in gambling and financial services circles, this may or may not change the perceptions of the term but you should know it is not a new term, where it means roughly what he describes as applying to gaming.

    It seems I am then something of a cynical and calculating bastard, some might even say detached and lacking empathy (personally I term it as brutal pragmatism), so this will be one of those figuring out how far off base I am here situations.

    On the backlash thing I am also going to call for a benefit of the doubt until I watch the presentation. Personally I have witnessed backlashes over the stupidest of things in gaming circles, it is part of why I am a cynical bastard most of the time. I have mentioned it in the past but I have increasingly come to view most of gaming culture as anything but forward thinking/nontraditional and open minded, despite the claims/protestations to the contrary. It is a not a complete write off but it does get very tedious having to explain basic legal, literary, narrative, mathematical, programming.... concepts over and over again. Worse is we may well be in for a spell of inmates running the asylum (see also why a lot of modern comics are not so great).

    More generally I am inclined to note that presentations are often given slightly misleading/flamebait/attention grabbing topics. The ones he lists I would probably actually be interested in seeing, now I may also be something of an optimist and with hacker cons and TED being the main conferences I tend to watch I may be off base so I will have to look further into that.

    The list (I may have mixed up taglines and topic names, it still roughly works though).
    "Social whales, understanding and leveraging a new kind of player"
    "Design and monetisation strategies in highly successful F2P games"
    "retention tips for free to play genres"
    "making money on google play, best practices in monetisation"
    "why whales sing, heavy spenders drive virality and retention".
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