Jimmy Hendrix Sex Tape Found! Apparently...erm.

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    From NME:
    "Vivid Entertainment plans to release what it claims is a sex tape supposedly featuring Jimi Hendrix.

    The film shows a naked man who resembles the legendary guitarist wearing a bandana having sex with two brunettes in a dimly-lit bedroom.

    His full face appears on screen for only a few seconds, with his eyes closed. In other portions there are flashes of his profile. However his hands, bedecked with rings, roam large on the screen at times. The film has no audio, reports The New York Times.

    Vivid Entertainment, a large maker of pornographic movies, has created a 45-minute DVD, called 'Jimi Hendrix - The Sex Tape' that combines 11 minutes of sex footage with a retrospective of Hendrix's career in the 1960s.

    The company, which has also released tapes of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee having sex back in the 90s, will sell it for $39.95 in stores and over the internet, and will also offer the film for downloading.

    However the identity of the man in the film, which has circulated among Hendrix fans for years, has been disputed by experts and former associates.

    Vivid Entertainment claims that after an extensive inquiry led by private detective agencies, it stands by the Hendrix film as the real thing.

    Steven Hirsch, Vivid's co-chairman, said: "I believe that we did our due diligence, and as a result of that clearly believe that it's him.

    "If they said that it wasn't him, I would never have put it out."

    Hirsch said he became convinced that the tape was authentic after tracking down the man who shot it. They reached a monetary agreement "for his approval for us to distribute this".

    However Hirsch declined to say how the man was located or to put a reporter in touch with him, saying they were bound by a confidentiality agreement signed at the man’s insistence. Hirsch added that no one was able to identify the women in the film .

    According to the distributor Howie Klein, the footage surfaced when a collector discovered a tin labeled 'Black Man' in a box of rock memorabilia bought at an unidentified auction in London.

    Allegedly recognizing Hendrix , Klein said, the collector decided to sell the tape. It was offered on eBay, apparently unsuccessfully, more than a year ago, although it is not clear if the same collector was involved.

    The DVD includes commentary from two women who met Hendrix and say they believe the tape is real: Pamela Des Barres , the author of 'I’m With the Band: Confessions of a Groupie' ,and Cynthia Albritton, better known as Cynthia Plaster Caster.

    Albritton is known for doing plaster casts of the genitals of rock stars, including Hendrix in 1968.

    Albritton said: "I’m 100 percent sure it’s him. The facial bone structure is the same. The eyebrows and the mustache are true to the style he was wearing in 1970."

    However Kathy Etchingham one of Hendrix’s steady girlfriends during the 1960s said: “It is not him. His face is too broad and nose and nostrils too wide for Jimi. Also the hair is too low on the forehead.”

    “He would never have allowed anyone to see that. In private he was very shy and would cover up.”

    The film has also been dismissed by Charles R Cross , the author of the Hendrix biography 'Room Full of Mirrors' he said: "It doesn’t add up to Jimi".

    As a fan, he said, he felt the film was “horrible to watch,” as he thinks the man appears to be on drugs or heavily intoxicated.

    “I don’t want that to be what I think about when I think about Jimi Hendrix,” he said.

    A spokesman for the Hendrix estate declined to comment."

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    Lol, I don't see where this is news but I guess if people want to see Jimi fuck some chick then here you are.
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    Now we can see if the guitar was the only thing he was good at strumming or not. *Wink wink* *Nudge nudge*.
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    Whether its him or not its very sad to see that everyone is still trying to make money of him.
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    Man this is about the limit of pointless for the day isn't it [​IMG]

    39 bucks to see Hendrix doing the nasty, or a new Nintendo DS game, man what a difficult choice [​IMG]

    I loved his music, but I don't think this would interest me for free. No one has that much bandwidth eh.
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    the sex tape that need to be out is the marilyn monroe one
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    I wouldn't trust this. Those women are like the wind, they don't even remember all the names they have blown in the past. And I'm sure..he wasn't their last. (and the wind...whispers...mary)
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    This reminds me of some chinese singer that got busted so badly 'cause he went to get his computer fixed. The guy fixing his computer found the singer's sex pictures with like 4 other girls and it spreaded like wild fire. Think his name was Edison or something.
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    That happened to Gary Glitter, in the UK ... except it was young kids, not grown women ...
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    They don't even know who the women are, tits only because whoever is in the film looks like Jimmy that they're saying it is.
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    This reminds me of video I saw back when I lived in Nashville. I won't name the famous band my buddy is in, but apparently tapes like these are pretty common on the tour buses of various bands. I totally lost any respect I may have had for Chuck berry after seeing his home video. According to my friend, the tape was confiscated by the police and was leaked that way.