jEnesisDS 0.5 released

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    jEnesisDS 0.5 released

    Genesis/megadrive emulation gets better.

    Lordus released an updated version of jEnesisDS for the neoflash contest.

    [title:Changelog]- Implemented save-states (touch slot icons to load/save)

    - Extended SRAM compatibility. Story of Thor and Phantasy Star IV should work now.

    - Extended "force update" of HW renderer. Fixes Sonic3 intro, Sonic Bonus stage and probably others.

    - Fixed sprites showing garbage if more than 64 sprites were displayed. (Comix Zone, Outrun, Sonic).

    - Partial rewrite of sprite handling in the HW renderer. Less slowdowns when a lot of sprites are displayed.

    - Implemented better VSync. Fixes temporary speedups after slowdowns.

    - Implemented vertical scaling option into HW renderer (horizontal is NOT possible).

    Aspect ratio will be incorrect, but makes games more enjoyable (at least in my opinion).

    - Implemented screen positioning in HW renderer (touch screen to pause, then use [D-Pad] to scroll.

    Push [A] for faster scrolling)

    - Rewrote DS interrupt system for HW renderer. Probably less slowdowns, surely safer.

    - Added "Fake Z80" option. The faking code can mess up some games (Ghouls n' Ghosts, Aladdin, Cool Spot 2, and others), so it can be turned off now.
    Interestingly enough, if it is turned off, real Z80 emulation will be executed, BUT just under certain circumstances, to keep games working and not to slow things down. As with other options, some games might depend on a certain setting to boot (Gaiares just boots when this option is set to "off").

    According to the author sound is being worked upon [​IMG] GBADev link

    [​IMG] Discussion thread

    [​IMG] Download centre link

    Thanks to SpaceJump for the news.

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    cool, but does it support blast processing?