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    [​IMG] Jays XWords
    New Homebrew

    Due to a "lack of decent crossword games on the DS", Jayenkai of JNKPlat fame, has released a homebrew collection of more than 3,000 crossword puzzles. The homebrew can save mid game, but will only remember the last puzzle you were playing.

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source
    [​IMG] Discuss
  2. Mr.Mister

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    Haha "lack of decent crossword games on the DS" wow.

    I heard that CrossworDS game is good.
  3. Jayenkai

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    crossworDS.. Is that the one that changes the view every 2 seconds? So that one second you've got the questions and the crossword, and the next you've got one question, and a dozen boxes that always go left to right, even if the question's going top to bottom..
    When I play a crossword on paper, it doesn't jump about all over the place!!

    For the record, though, even I think the questions in this are stupidly difficult! But hey, that's the fun of a crossword, isn't it!?
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