Japan's Unfair Competition Law Amended. Save Editing now illegal.


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Aug 25, 2015
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The point of this law is to stop people from making hacked pokemon. :)

Seriously, Someone got arrested for selling their services turning pokemon shiny for sword and shield.

If you accept any money for hacking a save, it's illegal in japan.

If you make a program that can make pokemon shiny, you better not let anyone else have it if you are in Japan. You will get arrested.

It's also against save game exploits for hacking consoles with. If you have an exploited save, you aren't allowed to distribute it to anyone else, because it's a modified save.

You can't distribute a program to modify someone else's save to put in a homebrew exploit either.

Powersaves are still not illegal, but only if they were not modified. Any save with an exploit in it is modified. Cheat codes from cheat devices don't usually directly modify the save, so it's okay to save a cheat, because the save isn't what's modified. But no oot3thax powersaves allowed in Japan. No hexing items and stats into your powersave.

Yes, this law would have blocked distribution of ps2 independence (though sony simply didn't care until hdloader.elf showed up, since until then, you couldn't pirate with the exploit.)
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