Japanese TV questions

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    I have to ask three questions about Japanese TV:
    • What is the BS antenna used in Japan and when is it invented?
    • Some Japanese TV channels (like NHK General TV, NHK Education TV, TV Asahi and TV Tokyo) put a clock on top left side (during programs and commercial breaks) to remind Japanese viewers what time is it. Outside Japan, a clock is the most common for news programs or news channels. I learned that general entertainment TV channels in Europe show a clock (in the past and the present) before a program, not during programs and commercial breaks (except the news or breakfast program).Why can't they show a clock on every general entertainment TV channels all over the world (except Japan) during programs and commercial breaks?
    • Is there video clips on YouTube about the earliest days of Japanese TV (from the 1950's to the 1960's), including the opening of the first Japanese TV channel (NHK) in 1953? If there is, post a video clip on this topic.