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    Jul 12, 2011
    United States
    Now, for being a user converting some animé-specific Miis from their romanized names back, I have a minor problem: SURNAMES.

    My Miis are all involving Neon Genesis Evangelion (kinda obvious, lol), and some work, most don't.

    Copying the names directly from EvaGeeks.org, pasting them in My Avatar Editor. I am well aware of changing the Mii IDs and all that, so... saves fine, imports fine, check the Mii Channel...

    The only symbol that shows up as a ?-in-a-box in Mii Channel, but shows as it is in a game like Mario Kart, is •.

    Again, just surnames... why is that? Could someone dump the Japanese Wii keyboards output or something? Thanks.
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