Japanese/Korean Mii Names on USA/PAL Wii/3DS/WiiU

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    May 1, 2011

    • No need for Wii Region Changing - Which is highly possible to brick your system if not done correctly
    • Simplest method of entering East Asian characters to your Mii name.
    Tested myself and it does work to transfer to your 3DS and your WiiU

    Mii Name Changer (Region Free) [Anarion]
    42000000 90000000
    0618XXXX 00000014
    ZZZZZZZZ 00000000
    E0000000 80008000

    X- Mii to modify.

    14A6 -modify Mii 1 (the very first Mii you created) +4A = 14F0
    14F0 -modify Mii 2 (second Mii you created)
    153A -modify Mii 3 (etc)

    Finding the X Slot value for other miis.
    Ex. Lets modify Mii slot 58. The easiest way to do it is to multiply (in decimal) 74 by 58. 74 x 58 = 4292. Now convert 4292 to hex. Result=10C4. ADD (in hex) this value to the "0" slot value. X value for 58th Mii slot=2520.

    Z=New Mii Name. Go to http://www.mikezilla.com/exp0012.html to convert ASCII to hex.
    To use this code, you need to use a version of Gecko OS that allows you to launch channels. Fill this code in, save as HACA.gct . Launch Mii channel via Gecko OS. Drag the Mii you wanted to modify to Edit Mii icon. SAVE&Quit. Done. You can use hex values for symbols not found in your wii's version of the Mii channel..