Japanese 3DS in the Philippines

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    Hello! I'm back at GBAtemp for months. I do noticed that GBAtemp has a new look, which I kinda like it.

    Anyway, my dad is now in the Philippines since September for work. I recently asked him (as well as my mom) about the imported Japanese Nintendo 3DS for my Christmas gift. The reason I need to buy a Japanese 3DS is because there's lots of good Japanese 3DS games than American 3DS games and, in my opinion, reading Japanese is fun and I could figure out the texts. My mom suggested me that my dad could buy a Japanese 3DS there in the Philippines through shopping centres first, and if it's not there then she could buy it online (maybe on Play-Asia) here in Canada.

    I know that many shopping centres in the Philippines had the "Asian Version" of the 3DS which only plays American 3DS games (which I don't want), and I believe some shopping centres had the Japanese 3DS. Does anyone who lived in the Philippines know where the Japanese 3DS are in shopping centres like Greenhills and SM malls? Like I said, buying the Japanese 3DS should NOT be online. I know that buying the Japanese 3DS online is expensive (which costs about $235 on Play-Asia plus shipping taxes) than the American 3DS (which costs $170). Even Japanese 3DS games are also expensive(which costs about $65 on Play-Asia plus shipping taxes) compared to American 3DS games (which costs about $40). If I would get the Japanese 3DS, then I can play Japanese 3DS games only because it's region-locked (same for American/European 3DS). The "Asian Version" of the 3DS really acts like the American 3DS. Of course, I would get one Japanese 3DS game bi-monthly online because there is no available 3DS flashcards (that can play 3DS games) right now.

    So my final saying is to know where are the Japanese 3DS in the Philippines through shopping centres.

    Thanks in advance!

    P.S. My dad will arrive here in Canada on December 22.
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    Just an FYI: An Asian (ASI) 3DS is exactly the same as an American 3DS, except with Singapore warranty (I presume) and no club Nintendo documents. :glare:

    Play-Asia actually offers pretty solid prices. I know in Singapore there's a shop selling the Monster Hunter Tri G bundle (The Ice White MH one) for a monstrous S$500++ (US$385++) and the game itself for S$95++ (US$72.80++). These prices are already considered 'rock bottom' here for a Japanese console. An unreliable store (requires ultimate haggling and has bad reputation) here offered an ordinary for me at S$265 (US$205), no warranty at all.

    Tl,dr version: I'd get one from Play-Asia
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    Toy Kingdom and Datablitz stores only sell ASI and US version 3DS. One time I saw a post in TipidPC that someone is selling a JP 3DS for only 4500 Pesos. "Kaya lang naunahan ako hahaha"

    I'm also looking for the JP 3DS but all shops here does't have them. Even in Greenhills Shopping Arcade.
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    JP 3DS has been downplayed very much in the Philippines, that's why whichever shop first had em probably ditched their stock. only way to get em now is 2nd hand, or online.